Logistics location S.-H.

Logistics Location Schleswig Holstein

Due to its strategically favourable position between North Sea and Baltic Sea, its nearness to Hamburg, a leading logistic and trade site, as well as its close relation to Scandinavian and Baltic markets, the logistic site Schleswig-Holsteins has got a strong meaning. Furthermore the country points to a long tradition as trade- and logistic place and possesses numerous highly productive companies from various fields of logistics.

Schleswig-Holstein is the only Federal Land that has access to two seas: The North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Both are connected by the around 100km long Kiel Canal, with nearly 100 million tons of transported goods and around 35 thousand movements a year, one of the most important artificial waterways in the world.

Some regions of Schleswig-Holstein are part of the important European metropolitan area of Hamburg with five million inhabitants. At the same time the country between the seas forms a bridge to the Oeresund region with around four million inhabitants. The most important cities of this transnational northeuropean metropolitan region are the Danish Copenhagen and the Swedish Malmö.


Schleswig-Holstein is the hub for logistics between North Sea and Baltic Sea, a major part of the German im- and export with Scandinavia, Finland, Russia in the Baltic Area goes through the ports of the Federal Land. In the north our neighbour Denmark borders the land. In the South, the port of Hamburg is situated. Schleswig-Holstein is a country of logisticians:

  • with 116,000 employees, subject to social insurance contribution, working in commercial enterprises along the supply-chain,
  • a turnover of 18 billion Euro a year
  • and 4,000 enterprises only in the core business “Transport and Warehousing”.

Transport Network

As the northernmost logistic place of Germany in striking distance to the relevant North-South transport axis to Scandinavia and with direct access to North Sea and Baltic Sea, Schleswig-Holstein is in important logistic intersection.

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Industrial Real Estates

Schleswig-Holstein possesses a number of adequate industrial real estate in order to establish new or expand existing logistics oriented enterprises. For further information please use: